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Kind Words

Ms. Jwalea Smith had a 3 story water loss that thoroughly disrupted her home.  The A/C unit in her attic malfunctioned and water drained through the ceiling to the two floors below.  Her words of thanks made our day!!

The Sink Overflowed But I Dried It All Up

In this case, seeing isn’t believing.  Water is sneaky.  It seeps into, around and under building materials faster than you think.  When water gets underneath vinyl, wood, laminate or tile flooring, the flooring itself traps that moisture between it and the subfloor, causing mold to grow and flooring to buckle or crack.  Carpet padding acts like a sponge, creating that same trap. On houses with crawlspaces, the moisture can also leak down and cause mold under the sub floor and in the insulation.  Call the experts at SERVPRO and our moisture meters will tell you for sure!

A Water Loss Can Bring Your Business (and Profits!) to a Screeching Halt

Business (and Profits!) to a Screeching Halt Water losses can wreck havoc on a business, stopping work flow and damaging stock and equipment. SERVPRO understands! Our crews respond immediately and can work around the clock, often getting the doors back open in a matter of hours!

It Looks Dry To Me

Looks can be deceiving. Water and sewage within walls and under solid flooring doesn't just disappear. Unless these areas are detected and mitigated, rot and mold will inevitably take over, leading to a far more expensive loss down the road. We have what it takes, like the Infrared Cameras used above. Leave it to the experts at SERVPRO!

Mold Doesn't Magically Go Away - Handle It Now!

A local property management group called us in September of 2014 to quote the mold remediation of one of their vacant office buildings. Fall storm flooding had filled the building up to three feet high without anyone knowing. The $17,000 estimate shocked them and they delayed handling the problem. In March 2015, they called us out again. The mold had gone wild, eating its' way through the surface and into the structure materials. Their 6 month delay resulted in a 6 times more expensive bill of $106,000. Have mold? Call SERVPRO now!

A Small Fire Can Damage an Entire Building

What appears to be a small fire often causes damage throughout a building thanks to A/C and Heating systems that transport smoke and soot. Each fire also has its' own chemical composition based on the material burned, length of time the fire burned and method used to put it out. The solvents used to clean one type of fire may worsen the damage of another. Protect your investment!! Call our SERVPRO fire mitigation experts!

Attic Leaks Can Bring Down More Than Water

A small roof or plumbing leak in the attic can build up and surprise you. One day you could come back from a trip to find ceiling pieces, insulation and even stowed treasures scattered around your living space. We can handle the damage, from drying up the water and cleaning your belongings to putting the structure back together again.

No Loss is Too Large

Water and sewage can travel fast, affecting all the floors of large office and residential buildings. These situations often involve multiple owners, managers, tenants and insurance carriers. We can sort it out, keep the parties informed and handle cleaning up, drying out and reconstructing the spaces.

Specialized Equipment Can Save You Time & Money

When a loss happens, sometimes property owners try to reduce their costs by demolishing the wet walls before calling in the experts. At SERVPRO, we have specialized equipment that can often save the cost and mess of demolition. Here you see the Injecti-dry wall system at work in a local daycare center.

WBE & NAWBO Certified!

While there are some 276,000 women-owned businesses in North Carolina, few have risen as fast and as high as Penny Benkeser. As owner of both SERVPRO® of Northwest Charlotte and SERVPRO® of Lincoln and eastern Gaston Counties, she has grown her firm to 20 full-time employees in three years, and has recently earned the Women Business Enterprise (WBE) certification by the National Women Business Owners Corporation (NWBOC). Penny’s company is one of only 64 which have been awarded in the state of North Carolina, and one of only 5,000 awarded in the nation. The WBE certification is the result of a rigorous national committee review of Penny Benkeser’s SERVPRO businesses and her business model, a four to six month process. Members review her application and follow-up with an on-site visit to meet with her and her team.

Working with our Fire Fighters for a safer community

We were blessed to spend time with some Heroes in our community in April. J.T. Tolin, our Operations Manager, spoke on fire disaster protocols, clean up and restoration. Be sure to thank our area Fire Fighters every chance you get!

Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce Business Expo 2015

We're so excited to be on the Board of the Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce! Together we're making Lincoln county stronger.