SERVPRO of Lincoln / Northeast Gaston Counties Employee Photos

J.T. Tolin, Operations Manager

An Ex-Marine with over 20 years in the field, J.T. comes from a catastrophic loss restoration background managing projects all over the country including…

  • 9/11 New York City: American Stock Exchange, Marriot Financial Hotel, NASDAQ office
  • Hurricane Katrina: Reily Foods Factories, Luzianne Tea, JFG Coffee, New England Coffee, CDM Coffee, RT Coffee
  • Hurricane Sandy: Dow Corning Manufacturing Facility
  • Hurricane Odile: Cabo Azul Resort
  • Plains All American Pipeline Oil Spill, Refugio Beach, CA

Large losses require extensive communication with owners, managers, city/county officials, suppliers, crews and tradesmen, as well as meticulous attention to detail.  J.T. conducts this orchestra expertly with a sharp focus on efficiency and getting businesses back to full operation as soon as possible.  

Lisa Hendrix, Office Manager

Having served with the franchise long before Penny took the reins, Lisa is the central hub around which the day to day details of the business rotate. She has performed every job in the company at one time or another and has unique insight into what our team members need.  She is in charge of Accounting, Budgeting, Industry Certification, Human Resources and countless other details we become keenly aware of when she takes a day off. “The office staff stands ready to help, even if that means late hours, weekends or working in the field alongside the crews.”

Davin Mortenson, Construction Manager

Davin started in the family construction business very young and has done residential, commercial and multi-family building and remodeling. With 18 years of experience in the field, he can handle every aspect of a project with calm precision.  Customers will be walked through each step of the process with answers to their questions and genuine concern for their wishes.  Davin has assembled an extensive network of Sub-contractors whose work and ethics make them stand out above the rest.  When added to the relationships he’s built with local Insurance Adjusters, Davin can deliver top quality on an efficient time table. 

Roger Mathews, Commercial Marketing & Estimating Manager

With 21 years in the field, Roger is an expert estimator of all types of Commercial Reconstruction projects and building relationships with Medical Facility and Property Management clients.  His specialty is estimating with an eye toward functionality and cost control.  Roger helps ensure that our customers understand every aspect of the job, estimate and materials to be used so that there is no confusion as the job progresses.  “I take pride in making your business space look professional and work efficiently.”

male employee in black shirt with goatee

Michael Smith

Michael has over 10 years in mitigation and is experienced with all types of commercial and residential losses.  He oversees the job from start to finish and keeps the customer informed along the way. We are grateful to have his steady hand and sense of humor in our mitigation department.

Derrick Cooper, Mitigation Crew Chief

After two years of retirement from a career in NASCAR as a service manager for the Dale Earnhardt racing franchise, “Coop” had to get back in the game. Thus began a new a career in mitigation and restoration. With over 10 years under his belt, “Coop” is especially adept at understanding the unique nature of water travel within structure types and how best to dry out each. “I’m the customer’s man. He is trusting me with his personal property. I want to leave at the end of the day having put him and his place back on the road to normal”.

Jacobo Perea, Mitigation Crew Chief

Jacobo is, by far, our most positive employee, eagerly diving into every type of loss with a smile. Jacobo specializes in examining every detail of a loss so all areas of damage are discovered and addressed. His thoroughness extends to how he approaches our customer’s needs. “I’m in their home, around their things and I treat both with great respect. I’ve worked for other companies, but here, we treat each other and the customer right, no matter what.”

Hansel Almonte, Mitigation Crew Chief

Hansel makes every day more joyful and productive.  The first to volunteer and the last to complain, we appreciate the eager dedication he brings to each job.  Hansel works hard to make jobs progress smoothly, backing everyone up before he even has to be asked.  Joining us with his brother, Jay, we were blessed to find this wonderful pair.

Jamel Cobbs, Mitigation Crew Chief

Jamel is skilled at handling a wide variety of technical tasks and his calm, reassuring manner helps bring the situation into focus for the customer, be they a home owner or industrial park manager. He thrives in the ever-changing field of loss mitigation, from extracting a flooded basement to demolishing a roof destroyed by a fallen tree.  “Mitigation work gives me the chance to serve others by bringing order to their chaos.” 

Jay Almonte, Mitigation Technician

New to this industry, Jay is a fast learner.  He hit the ground running with his brother, Hansel, and quickly made himself indispensable.  On the jobsite, Jay keeps equipment organized, supplies handy and the owner’s property clean and safe. We can walk into the largest company or the smallest house confidently with these brothers on our team.

Jose Ramon, Mitigation Technician

Jose enjoys conducting precise demolition while maintaining a neat and functional environment for the customer.  He says the warm, team atmosphere at SERVPRO is a great change from his former employer.  Always cheerful, Jose helps keep the team moving with a smile on their faces.

Jason Sadler, Mitigation Estimator

Having started as a mitigation technician and moved up the ranks, Jason inspects jobsites and writes expertly detailed estimates for both residential and commercial water, mold, sewage, fire and biohazard losses.  We recruited Jason from states away and are grateful that he accepted our invitation and joined the team.  “I love the changing nature of mitigation work and giving clients estimates and other data that empower them to make confident decisions about their property.”

Jenn Loadholt, Contents & Cleaning Manager

Jenn got her start as an office manager in the reconstruction end of the restoration field.  Soon her organizing skills drew her to Content work.  There are many different pieces involved in sorting, packing, moving, cleaning, storing and returning a client’s belongings. Jenn is a master at planning and executing this process.  But her most vital skill is the ability to build a relationship with her clients.  She maintains communication by phone and text daily so clients know their things are in good hands.

Male employee with beard in front of brick wall

Jeremy Green

Jeremy followed his associates degree in construction with 30 years experience in the field.  “These water and fire losses are traumatic.  I want to restore their property and lives to normal as quickly as possible.”  

Elaine Herlihy, Program Manager

Elaine specializes in estimate review, insurance claim requirements and keeping mitigation files flowing efficiently from first arrival onsite to final billing. There are many details and parties involved in handling a loss.  "We try our best to fix the damage, file the claim and get homes back to normal as quickly as possible."  

Michelle Ruchti, Accounting Specialist

When the on site work is complete, invoices must be generated and bills must be paid.  It’s crucial to manage numbers accurately for any business to stay afloat.  Michelle processes invoices and bills, balances accounts and helps with budgeting.  Thanks to her hard work, it’s easy for us to see where we are at any given moment. “I crunch the numbers so everyone else is free to do their job on a firm financial foundation.”

Ariel Lockerman, Mitigation File Coordinator

Ariel, a native of the Charlotte area, came to us from a smaller mitigation company where she handled most of the office functions on her own.  She enjoys the challenge of tracking all the job paperwork, photos, claim forms and other details to ensure that each job file is clear and complete.  We appreciate how she keeps our crews on their toes as well as the compassion and patience with which she assists clients in crisis.  

Boo Boo, Chief of Security & Canine Staff Managment

Ms. Boo Boo is a 11 year old Yorkie who has served our office for 8 years. She commands the complete respect of the staff, human and canine alike. Once the toys and treats belonging to all the dogs have been stolen and safely hidden away, she allows people to carry her around the office cradled like an infant.

Ike, Deputy in Charge of Food Inspection & Crumb Patrol

Ike is an 10 year old Goldendoodle who has been with our office for four years. The quintessential Southern Gentleman, he diligently follows the office sunspots, ensuring that each section of carpet is adequately held down. His mellow mask hides stealthy food monitoring skills and raids that occur without warning.

Maverick, Deputy in Charge of Visitor Inspection & Mayhem Management

Mav, a Havanese, is our newest canine staff member at only 2 years old. He diligently inspects all visitors and patrols the windows, watching for potential intruders. No flower pot, mini blind string, trash can or open desk drawer is left uninvestigated. Once the facility is deemed secure, he travels from desk to desk, inquiring about everyone’s day.