Water Damage Photo Gallery

Kind Words

Ms. Jwalea Smith had a 3 story water loss that thoroughly disrupted her home.  The A/C unit in her attic malfunctioned and water drained through the ceiling to the two floors below.  Her words of thanks made our day!!

The Sink Overflowed But I Dried It All Up

In this case, seeing isn’t believing.  Water is sneaky.  It seeps into, around and under building materials faster than you think.  When water gets underneath vinyl, wood, laminate or tile flooring, the flooring itself traps that moisture between it and the subfloor, causing mold to grow and flooring to buckle or crack.  Carpet padding acts like a sponge, creating that same trap. On houses with crawlspaces, the moisture can also leak down and cause mold under the sub floor and in the insulation.  Call the experts at SERVPRO and our moisture meters will tell you for sure!

It Looks Dry To Me

Looks can be deceiving. Water and sewage within walls and under solid flooring doesn't just disappear. Unless these areas are detected and mitigated, rot and mold will inevitably take over, leading to a far more expensive loss down the road. We have what it takes, like the Infrared Cameras used above. Leave it to the experts at SERVPRO!